Black Book Fashion's Values

Fashion needs to stand for something. More than what you wear, it is a reflection of what you believe and who you are. How you approach the world and all its beautiful creatures and creations. Here we list the values that guide what we do at Black Book Fashion.
We work only with local independent designers. Those are designers who own and manage their own businesses independently or with their family or a close-knit group of collaborators. Fashion is a community. Everything that we do is part of a larger web of connections. By working directly with independent designers, we impact the local communities and help the fashion scene thrive. It is with independent designers where the true creativity lies, and this is what consumers want.
We seek out innovative designers who bring a unique perspective to the world of fashion. Black Book Fashion believes in bringing innovative, one-of-a-kind creations to the world’s shoppers. Innovation in product, production and design is what propels our industry forward.
 Environmentally Aware and Socially Responsible 
We are committed to selecting designers that focus on sustainability. Those who take seriously the environmental impact of the production processes and resources needed to produce fashion. We encourage those designers that produce better quality fashion while minimizing their impact on the environment by reducing plastic, using environmentally friendly production techniques and by supporting local causes.
 Limited Edition 
Our designers stick to small batch production or produce on demand to maintain the exclusive handmade nature of their collections. Creating items that you won’t find anywhere else. We are not looking to stock shelves but to deliver those truly special and limited edition items that customers love.
We focus our search on local destinations and are committed to raising the awareness of local designers that produce in small production runs, by artisans or the designers themselves. The world of fashion is changing, with customers searching shopping destinations for the newest style. The Instagram generation is looking further for fashion than their immediate surroundings.
 Fur Free 
We do not sell any fur or exotic skins and we encourage a fair and transparent supply chain, meaning that all items are produced ethically, with minimal environmental impact and safeguards to world’s endangered species.
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