Black Book Meets: Boho Luxe Designer, Erika Peña

With multi-layered ruffles, voluminous skirts, and bold bright colours, Erika Pea is a fashion designer brand like no other, creating the best in boho fashion.  Together with stunning jewellery pieces of a similar extravagant nature, it is safe to say each piece of clothing, accessory, and jewelry, brings a unique vibe of fashionable art to any beach-chic wardrobe. The designer herself has followed her Puerto Rican roots to create lavish collections that add a Latin-inspired touch to traditional resort wear.

Influenced by her travels and experiences of different cultures from a young age, Erika has become a universal sensation. Using nothing but her love of culture and a dismantled shell lamp, Pea designed and handmade a pair of earrings which has now spiralled into her empire of jewelry designs. Her collection consists of a whole range of stunning stone tribal necklaces, chic chandelier earrings, and ravishing rhinestone rings; all designed with love and cultural inspiration to create one-of-a-kind works of art.  They're the perfect boho accessories to go with your favourite beach outfit.

If it’s not jewelry that Erika is designing, it is her luxe clothing collections that are full of vivid ruffles and high leg cut designs. You only have to see a Peña dress to know that the unique style it generates is perfect for that ultimate boho-chic island lifestyle of Bali. Leather sandals, long and short dresses tied at the waist, paired perfectly with a leather double-wrap belt is what you’ll create if you go shopping for her bold and feminine collections... and we absolutely love it.

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In fact, with 25 collections under her belt, famous fashion magazines and top celebrities have embraced the unique style that she generates. Featured in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, VOGUE, InStyle, ELLE, and New York Times to name a few, it is no surprise the designer has become a worldwide fashion delight. Sold in Spain, Dubai, Australia, Japan, and of course Bali, as well as being worn by style icons like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba; we can only vision that her designs will continue to flourish and create a huge impact in the fashion industry.

Whats more, Erika Peña has launched a platform to help grow awareness of a foundation close to her heart, the Yayasan Membina Api Cinta Kasih (YAMACK). This special jewelry features the signature helping hands necklace and bracelet with proceeds going straight to the YAMACK foundation, to aid in building and running schools for disabled children in Bali. Her compassion and care, together with her fashion-full spirit just proves shes going nowhere but up in this fashion jungle.

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We've put together a list of some of our favourite pieces you can shop now on Black Book Fashion:

The Luna Earrings

Statement yet sophisticated, the kind of pretty that turns heads.  The perfect accompaniment to elevate any outfit.

The Ella Rumba Dress

Channel your inner bohemian spirit in this flowing number.  Gypsy-inspired, it evokes memories of travelling and exploring in our favourite jetset destinations.  Our top boho dress!

The Rita Rumba Wrap Shirt

The essential white shirt... reimagined! Need we say more?

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