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Interview with La Vanguardia newspapaer: Desde Bali, con muchos colores

Mar 27, 2023

Black Book the Label featured in La Vanguardia



Find here a full translation of the article: 

Black Book the Label is a clothing firm from Sitges that began by importing clothing from the paradise of Indonesia. As a consultant, Laura Herrero Earl spent 14 years traveling the world, especially in the countries of southeast Asia. Finally she fell in love with Bali, the paradise island in Indonesia: "It's my favourite place in the world, an island where there is a lot of creativity, where you can find unique items of clothing," says Herrero.

After finishing her work as a consultant and returning to Barcelona, ​​Herrero opted to turn her passion for fashion, specifically Balinese fashion, into her new occupation. Together with her husband, Steven Dijkhuizen, in September 2018 the entrepreneur founded Black Book The Label, an online store specializing in clothing imported from Bali. The success of the business led them to open a physical store in Sitges, where the company is headquartered, in May 2021.

The reception was so positive that after just over a year, in August 2022, the co-founders dared to launch their own brand of Balinese-style clothing, made on the island of Bali itself. Black Book the Label currently sells both their own designs and other brands. The main buyers of the online store - which accounts for half of the sales - are from France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The Sitges establishment contributes the other half of the billing.

This year, the owners plan to start selling through third-party stores as well, especially beach destination boutique stores. By 2024, they aspire to enter luxury department stores and open more of their own stores in destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Ibiza and Madrid. Herrero highlights the firm's commitment to sustainability, using natural fabrics and producing in artisanal workshops, as well as supporting social causes. 'For each piece sold, we allocate one euro to a social cause through an NGO' says the entrepreneur.

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