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Black Book Travels: Punta Mujeres, Lanzarote

Sep 21, 2021

Black Book Travels: Punta Mujeres, Lanzarote

Let’s hear it for the… girls! Let’s celebrate the vibrant spirit of the woman; precious yet powerful, delicate yet daring, sensitive yet strong, enchanting in its nature, ever-beautiful in its presence, and enduring in its character.


From the bold boss babes, to the behind-the-scenes beauties… it’s no wonder they say that behind, or indeed, beside, every great man is a woman. Or more precisely, behind every great fisherman is the loving reception of his wife awaiting him on the shoreline upon return from his seafaring expedition. And that’s exactly how Punta Mujeres received its name. Women’s Point: a quaint town of celebration for the women who long celebrated the return home of their husbands to the shore’s small promenade.



And there are still charming hints of the receptions that were once held: Casa Carmelina is a unique beachside house filled with joy and colour like no other. Casa cacti; house of unique plants, vividly-painted plant pots, gleeful garden gnomes, and an abundance of other wild quirks. It’s an ingenious vertical garden, and inadvertently the most Instagrammable house we’ve seen. Who needs a back garden when you can simply grow a garden up the walls of your house?

Punta Mujeres is a place that embodies those aforementioned qualities, and the perfectly balanced spirit of a woman; the jewel of northern Lanzarote, yet still underestimated and overlooked for the more popular southern coastal resorts of this Canarian island. It’s vibrant in its life and colour, precious in its natural splendour, enduring in its traditional roots, enchanting in its unique charm, and ever-beautiful in its serene setting; and its picturesque scenery is seamlessly juxtaposed by a natural, rugged coastline, shaped and carved out by the ferocity of the elements. Along the more than 2 km of dark volcanic sands that characterise the beaches, the rocky landscape has created 4 natural large sea-water swimming pools, protected and separated from the rough waves. At low tide, they are nothing more than rock pools teeming with fascinating wildlife; at high tide they offer the perfect conditions for a exploring, swimming, cooling off and are easily accessed by stairs, one of the only signs of the hand of man along the shoreline. In fact, the town has become a reference in terms of natural pools, somewhat emblematic of its defining features.

Further inland, you’ll find the heart of Punta Mujeres, and it’s beating to a rhythm we love, it’s truly thriving: bakeries, supermarkets and artisan boutiques; souvenir stands, perfumeries, and craft markets. Specifically, each Saturday morning there’s a local market in the neighbouring town of Haría, where you can pick up one-off handmade gifts and souvenirs, or simply revel in the wholesome joy of tradition and skill that lives to tell the tale of its origins. What’s more, Punta Mujeres is the ideal starting point for going on to explore the other nearby remarkable attractions of northern Lanzarote. And there are plenty… so many that there are simply too many for one week of #blackbooktravels alone! Next week we’ll be continuing the journey around the north of the island. But for now, we’re pausing, we’re taking a moment for the ladies, whatever the role you play. Whether it’s leading, or cheer-leading, the vibrancy and the life you bring makes the world a brighter place… and it manifests here, in Punta Mujeres.

Where to stay?
While we’re speaking of incredible women, we couldn’t not mention María Alava, founder of Alava Suites and our top choice of accommodation for a trip to Lanzarote. If Punta Mujeres wasn’t already excuse enough to escape to Lanzarote, Alava Suites is your personal invitation. The two are about a 20-minute drive away, but we are all about supporting independent, small luxury hotels, with a sustainable heart and a story to tell. And that’s exactly why we think it’s worth it. Island-inspired Alava Suites is not even quite 2 years old, but its exquisite, pared-back boutique style, divine local-produce homemade breakfasts, light-flooded private yoga studio, even the offer of a personal digital travel guide for exploring Lanzarote have us longing to visit… and never leave! It’s a haven of sustainability, 6 seductive rooms in contemporary paradise, a heavenly circular pool at its heart, a location that’s immersed in tranquillity, and a founder who has created the most effortlessly stylish spot to stay that we could possibly dream up. Swoon!


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