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Black Book Travels: Saint Victor La Coste, France

Feb 23, 2023

Black Book Travels: Saint Victor La Coste, France

It all starts with a picture. One that gets you dreaming, wondering if it is possible that such a place actually exists. A glistening aquamarine-blue pool lit by radiant sunlight, surrounded by blooming greenery, potted plants, columns and shrubs, with a fairytale-like stone wall stairway leading down to empty deckchairs that call your name. It’s a picture that stays stuck in your mind and has you wondering when you’ll see that view yourself. That is until you are welcomed into a private home, one of the most charming and enchanting in the world, and you catch a glimpse of the magical garden, see the chateau-like, vine-covered stone walls that you’d seen in the picture, you feel excitement, disbelief, and yet at the same time, you feel at ease in this exceptional setting.


And each morning you wake there, the sun’s rays beaming across your face, ethereal décor surrounding you, and the views over the horizon across the French countryside just outside your window, the line between fantasy and reality is continually blurred. You wonder if you’re still dreaming of that picture you had bookmarked in your memory long ago. With a little pinch, a coffee in the garden and the birdsong to serenade you, you realise that you are indeed in reality. It’s just that it’s a reality that is often longed for, but not often found. Such is the magic of Chateau Saint Victor la Coste.

Located on the border of Provence, between Avignon and Uzès, this special chateau is a treasure hidden away in its namesake village, Saint Victor la Coste, perched idyllically amidst the hills, the scrubland and the vineyards of mystic wine region, the Cotes du Rhone. Stroll the picturesque streets bathed in sunshine, and realise how wonderful it is to indulge in daydreaming in the shade of the sycamore trees. A visit to the Chateau is a reminder to savour life’s simple pleasures.


Between the sun’s rays, the blue skies, the sparkling pool, the toile de Jouy fabrics, the vibrant blooms in the gardens, the murals and painted details in the main chateau, the plush, comfortable beds, and the love and taste with which the Chateau has been decorated, there are countless nuances to savour.


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