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Black Book Travels: Teranka, Formentera, Spain

Mar 28, 2023

Black Book Travels: Teranka, Formentera, Spain


Terre d’ancrage. The place where one anchors oneself to the Earth. A place of rest and quiet reflection, with the space to (re)connect oneself to the eternal rhythms of nature. A place of grounding, for being in physical contact with the earth and receiving its natural electric charge, connecting to its high vibrations, feeling its special healing energy.



Surrounded by the shimmering nature of the Mediterranean blue sea, the green trees, in their olive and Mediterranean pine varieties, the evocative landscapes, and the luminous sky, @terankahotelformentera transports you to an environment of peace, nature and meditation. Passing through its 200-year-old Catalonian doors means not merely entering the grounds of a beautiful bohemian escape, but embarking on a process of complete transition; abandoning the noise and complexity of the outside world, to anchor oneself into a peaceful world surrounded by captivating landscapes, filled with the soundtrack of nature. Here you know you have arrived; an undeniable feeling of grounding, that this is where you’re meant to be. This is your land of connection to Earth, your terre d’ancrage. This is your Teranka.


Its raison d’être to connect its guests to the precious island of Formentera is obvious not merely from the meaning of its name Teranka, subtly turning “terre d’ancrage” into a modern and stylish portmanteau, but the way it celebrates of its immersive surroundings. The smallest of the Balearic Islands, Formentera is brimming with unexpected encounters. Like leaving a part of your heart on one of the beaches that look as though they’ve only just been discovered. Like snorkelling or scuba diving to see the kaleidoscope of marine life just below the surface of the water. Like taxi-ing to the hippy markets at La Mola on a Sunday. Like being fascinated by the wondrous display of colours at the Ses Salines salt flats, to name but a few.

Teranka is one with its home. Come as you are and let it capture your senses as you discover art and nature, peace and meditation, and connection - to the earth, to Formentera and to self. A unique and deep feeling that you are not just where you need to be, but where you want to be.








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