How To: Shop Beach-Chic Jewelry and Swimwear

While swimwear is an undeniable essential for any sun-drenched getaway, beautiful bohemian jewellery is the oft-forgotten missing piece of the puzzle to finish off any beach-chic outfit.  And where better to shop poolside glamour than Bali?  We’ve curated a guide to help you get the best out of your boutique browsing.  

So here goes…

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That Bali, the island of paradise, is the home of some of the world’s most exquisite jewellery is unsurprising, given its rich history of jewellery use for religious and tribal functions.  The skills of Bali’s jewellery-makers have transcended years of extravagant temples, opulent heirlooms and ritualised religious offerings, all of which display intrinsic beauty and require delicate intricacy.  With little change from this to the practices used to craft today’s jewellery, it truly exemplifies just how the talented artisans behind Bali’s bejewelled beauties have been unconsciously practicing the art of ‘slow’ long before it became the ‘it’ word of the fashion world.

The true unique selling point of Bali jewellery is that no two pieces are ever the same.  It has the artisan’s mark from start-to-finish, and because of those who touch it, it winds up more beautiful than ever anticipated in the early design stages.

The most common material from which Balinese jewellery is crafted is 925 sterling silver.  It is bright and shiny, and doesn’t tarnish easily (don’t be fooled by the lower-quality replicas!).  Often adorned with silver beads, these raised intricate details are crafted using specialist techniques.  Other materials which are commonly used are gold (either 22-carat, or silver coated in gold vermeil), and brass.  Finally, precious stones, such as turquoise and Mother of Pearl sometimes feature on the jewellery.


Top Jewellery Picks

The Selena Earrings

The smooth and rippled wave-like look of the Selena Earrings adds unique interest and reminds us of days lapping up the rays by the waves.

The Lorena Earrings

A beautiful texture perfectly emulates the intricate details of a shell, giving us all the mermaid vibes!

The Cleo Cuff

A flawless blend of influences converge: Greek mythology, icons of the Egyptian era and the African Masai, and of course Balinese tribal customs.  The brass cuff makes a statement of a woman empowered to achieve her dreams.

The Diva Set

We love it when we pull together a coordinated look! Let your jewellery do the talking with this statement set.



Of course, we couldn’t not feature swimwear inspiration – and Bali is not short of it.  We are in the land of all things tropical, after all!  A by-product of the vibrant surroundings, Bali’s swimwear industry is booming and the island is the home of some of the world’s top swimwear designers.  What makes it even more attractive in the current fashion climate is that these brands can proudly boast that their entire collection has been designed, manufactured and sold in the same place. 

It is a truly home-grown industry, thanks to the creative eco-system of Bali.  And such is the success of Bali swimwear that a number of brands are already being widely exported to high-end boutiques and beach-side resorts in the hottest destinations across the world.  The demand of the jet-setting masses speaks for itself.  How to look stylish and feel sexy pool- and beach-side is something Bali knows best. 

Swimwear Faves

Kai Bikini

Made from recycled fishing nets and post-consumer carpet waste, this sustainable bikini is oh-so-retro! We love a high waist to cover any over-indulging on cocktails and canapés!

Tarita One-piece

The deep red hue of the Tarita one-piece is sultry and alluring, while the deep V-front cut reveals a little extra skin - but never too much, of course, for the height of sophistication!

Yanti Bikini Top

For something a little different than your average triangle-shape, check out the Yanti bikini. 

It’s safe to say that shopping for beachwear is not an activity to be underestimated, and nor is the flourishing fashion industry which has emerged in Bali.  So, on your next resort getaway, never mind the palm-tree decorated boardwalks, think boutique-lined streets; Bali is not merely a tropical paradise, but more a fashion-lovers’ heaven.

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