The 5 reasons why BBF supports hand-made resort wear, swimwear and jewelry


From the sandy beaches to the tropical jungle, inspiration can be found just about anywhere in Bali. Full of love and creativity, local artisans all around the island create collections of clothing, jewelry, and accessories with their caring hands. It is almost first nature to compare handmade fashion to mass production but in fact, we believe there is no comparison. There is something special about purchasing an item that has been given a unique ‘Bali-made’ touch. So why do we believe in supporting handmade fashion?

It is One-of-a-Kind

The nature of hand made goods means that there are fewer of them, so whatever you are wearing it is fundamentally unique. The independent designers here on Black Book Fashion often produce on demand to maintain the exclusivity of their collections which is something we love and respect. This means that no two handmade items are exactly the same – variations in colour, texture, and shape are inherent within handmade fashion; meaning purchasing a Bali handmade fashion brand will guarantee to make you one-of-a-kind.

It is forever, not just for now

Handmade products, whether it is clothing, accessories, or jewelry, are expected to have a longer lifetime. How? Made with care and love, handmade fashion is held to a higher quality than fast-produced pieces on the market. Unlike mass-produced items, there is no need for an upgrade as it is perfect already. You won’t need the urge to follow the mainstream culture of ‘throwing out the old and in with new’, as every handmade piece you buy is exclusive – out of 7 billion inhabitants in the world, only you will have the privilege of wearing it. 

It supports the local communities

Buying handmade items supports local craft industries and people, wherever you buy it. This means that if you go shopping in Canggu, Seminyak, or wherever else in Bali, and purchase any handmade piece of clothing, jewelry, or accessory from Bali fashion brands, you will be supporting individuals within local communities on the island. You as a customer get to support designers who love what they do, enjoy an item that no one else will, and enable that individual to continue pursuing their dreams. It’s a win-win scenario!

It is more sustainable

We support handmade fashion because it is green. It may come to you as no surprise that creating with our hands takes a lot less energy than a production line, therefore making it a more environmentally friendly and less wasteful option. For us and the people living in Bali, sustainability is an important part of life, so opting for a local independent fashion designer that creates handmade items is a great way of contributing to the world of eco-friendly fashion – and there are plenty of them out there! So why not go shopping in Canggu or Seminyak and look out look for some of the best Bali fashion brands especially when it comes to jewelry and leather items. 

It celebrates who we are

Each handmade item is about people, not machines. Here at Black Book Fashion, we appreciate the time, effort, skill, love, and creativity that goes into handmade fashion. It is all about a celebration for our modern lives and culture – not a mass consumed, initiative culture lacking in originality. It is all about inspiration, the technical skill of each maker, the devotion to creativity, and standing out from the crowd. Whether it is Bali leather, Bali jewelry, Bali swimwear or any Bali fashion brand; owning an handmade piece is something to be proud of.


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