Top 20 Boho-Chic Instagram Brands for 2020

More so than ever, Instagram has found an increasingly prominent place in our everyday lives.  Rightfully or not, it’s the platform we just can’t help scrolling through from dawn to dusk.  It’s foreshadowed the latest crazes in food; been the site of discovery for the next models to make it to couture catwalks; more recently turned into an online community of live streaming and long-distance solidarity; and most importantly, it’s placed a spotlight on new, under-the-radar labels, turning them into cult favourites with an otherwise-hidden market of dedicated fans, and bringing us a whole host of shopping we might never before have been able to get our hands on. So while we’ve all got an extra moment to sit back and discover what’s hot right now, here’s a rundown of the top Balinese-inspired brands to check out and take your mind off the current woes of the world.  And when normality finally resumes, these style secrets will have us feeling more fabulous and fashionable than we’ve ever done prior.  Although who’s to say you can’t get outfit planning and practising from the comfortable catwalk of your very own living room?  We’re certainly not opposed to that idea!

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Here's the countdown:

Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull is making all our West Coast dreams come true with their laid-back, and infinitely cute aesthetic.  Boasting a cohort of A-list blogger (think Lucy Williams and Monikh) and celebrity (yes, we’re meaning our faves Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk, Vanessa Hudgens and Margot Robbie, to name a few) wearers too, it seems it has truly received the seal of approval in the fashion world.  From off-the-shoulder-tops, to covetable co-ords, to light-weight maxi dresses in ditsy floral and Riviera stripe prints, this Bali-based brand is designed with an off-duty yet ever-so-flattering feminine style in mind – particularly fabulous for throwing in a suitcase and taking to any jet set destination.  It’s not just the clothes themselves that we love, but the ethos and the message at the heart of Faithfull the Brand that we truly appreciate.  Launched in 2012 by Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Eger, the two co-founders recognised the importance of ethics in fashion before sustainability came to the forefront of our shopping decisions.  Their focus on locally-produced and beautifully handmade garments is giving the needed support and encouragement to artisans working in Bali’s local communities, and ensures that transparency is maintained along the supply chain so we know exactly who has lovingly created what we’re wearing.  So while their clothes might be making waves as the latest brand trending on Instagram, the honest and caring spirit of the brand is certainly no temporary trend that will be fading any time soon.

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Image: Faithfull the Brand


Spell & the Gypsy

It seems success can be something that runs in the family; Australian label Spell & the Gypsy was founded by two sisters Elizabeth and Isabella.  Homegrown in their Byron Bay design studio with a very humble market stall, the brand has reached the style heights of Megan Fox’s and Miley Cyrus’ wardrobes, seen paraded at festival-turned-fashion-show, Coachella, and stocked by blogger-favourite shopping hotspot, Revolve.  Following its Coachella debut in 2014, the brand’s Instagram gained a whopping 10,000 followers and sold out overnight.  Brimming with 70s nostalgia, and recognised for its vintage-inspired signature prints, the brand is made for the girl who dreams in colour, and truly epitomises a beautiful vision of boho-chic. You’ll find us floating down Bali’s beaches in our favourite kimonos, or covering our bathing suits in cute crop tops and palazzo pants when we’re poolside.  You could say the brand has Instagram under a Spell.

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Image: Spell & The Gypsy Blog (Editorial)


Sir the Label

We just cannot get enough of our more recent discovery, Sir the Label.  An acronym for separates, intimates and ready-to-wear, Sir articulates an effortless combination of Scandi minimalism, Parisian femininity with Australian sun-drenched roots through its collection of simple, contemporary clothing and accessories. Think crisp whites and timeless blacks, a hint of floral here and a touch of ruffle there, all pieces are created from the highest-quality linens and cottons.  It’s a sophisticated and modern look so-far unrivalled by the likes of our typical resort wear offering.  There’s no wonder it’s conquering not the Instagram style stakes, but is becoming the latest brand to feature on innovative, high-end fashion platforms including Farfetch, Luisaviaroma, Moda Operandi, The Iconic, Revolve, Berdgorf Goodman...  We could go on, but we wouldn’t want to bore you!  Put simply, Sir the Label has established itself among the vanguard of up-and-coming brands, precisely where it needs to be to guarantee a future of success, in position to disrupt the market leaders as the traditional world of fashion witnesses a serious shake-up.  We can’t wait to see the brand go from strength to strength.

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Image: Sir the Label


Auguste the Label

Auguste the Label is a Byron-Bay-based, Bali-beach-worthy brand (try saying that one at speed!) that has caught our eye on our favourite social media platform.  Striking the perfect balance between casual and cool, comfortable and chic, effortless and elegant, Auguste will be taking us from the beach to the bar feeling ourselves, in every sense of the phrase: oozing confidence, and an authentic sense of self.  And that’s precisely the image that Head Designer and Creative Director, Ebony Eagles has strived to achieved with the brand: a girl who feels “vibrant, alive and confident”, for that is an Auguste girl, as she lovingly pus it.   Designed until recently in Bali, with offices in Australia, you can only imagine the infinite inspiration of the waves and the ocean, the moon and the sea-side lifestyle of these two tropical destinations which have infiltrated her designs.  And if there’s not enough reason to love the brand already, they are committed to leaving as little impact as possible on the beautiful world that surrounds them, donating 1% of all sales to The Australian Marine Conservation Society, running their HQ on solar power, ensuring their SEDEX-accredited factories are giving workers a healthy working environment, and even cultivating their own office veggie patch to make deliciously healthy lunches!  We love a brand that not only looks good, but does good too!

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Photo: Auguste the Label



Searching for that beautifully detailed standout dress?  For a look that’s certain to get you double clicks, profile views, and a save in the collections of envious scrollers as you post the picture from your next special event, look no further than Acacia Label.  With a namesake plant found in Australia, and its namesake tree growing in Africa, the brand is resiliently committed to providing high-quality tailored dresses, handmade to hug and flatter any feminine shape with a personalised cutting and designing service.  From prom to graduation, bridesmaid to bridal occasion, Acacia’s hand-beaded, lace-embellished, silk-drenched dresses are all we need to be the touch of elegance, the head-turner that every event needs – be it offline, or online too!  



Chances are, if you have heard of Instagram, you’ve heard of Triangl.  Insta-famous, blogger fave, ‘grammable… Call it what you like, the swimwear brand is so well-established on the ‘gram that it has arguably reached iconic levels.  Among the early disruptors to use social media to spread their message, Triangl is a beautifully modest story of organic growth, a label who saw an opportunity inadvertently to garner popularity and a legion of fans before it became the ‘it’ way of the industry.  It was originally launched as early as 2012 by Aussie couple Craig Ellis and Erin Deering after Erin found herself unable to find a stylish, well-made yet reasonably-priced bikini for the season.  From there, an ingenious nugget of an idea – and a black-lined neoprene style of swimwear – was born.  Then, in 2013, Kendall Jenner sported one of their two pieces… and the rest is history.  They boast an impressive 2.4 million followers on Instagram, their styles are snapped up (in every sense of the phrase) in an instant – and then snapped and beamed on Instagram around the world – and the pair are regulars on the Rich List.  So if taking over the (Instagram) world is what you dream of, why not do so in the bikini that took over the world?

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Image: Triangl Campaign



It’s distinctive, it’s deliciously sexy, it’s divinely figure-hugging… turns out the way we once liked our chips is our new favourite way to wear our swimwear.  Yes, we’re talking crinkle-cut.  We’re sure that you’ve seen the unique seer-sucker stretch fabric being paraded down the beaches of the world’s hottest destinations, or pool-side in the most sophisticated of beach clubs (check out our Bali favourites here).  Where did she get it, you wonder? Hunza G is your simple answer. Fun fact: you might actually recognise the signature style from film, Pretty Women, in which the iconic material was first sported as a cut-out mini dress worn by Julia Roberts.  Now, Hunza.G have reinvented a classic under creative director, Georgina Huddart, who’s giving us all the crinkly, colourful swimwear that looks good on literally every single figure.  And that’s exactly why we love it.  Their one-size-fits-all pieces are made from knitted Lycra and elastane to adopt your best shape, and hide any lumps and bumps.  They have quite literally flooded our Instagram feed, and we’re so grateful for the newfound confidence we can feel when on our next not-so-spontaneous photo shoot by the cliffs.  Thanks, Georgia.

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Image: Hunza G Northern Soul Collection shoot


Innika Choo

Her Instagram feed is a bohemian daydream, her dresses the echo of the free-spirited world she’s created.  Meet Australian-born turned Bali-resident, Innika Choo, our favourite creator and designer of beautiful embroidered smocks.  She’s certainly proving that it’s true that sometimes, it really is wise to stick to what you know, especially when you’re doing it better than anybody else: Ms. Choo’s distinguishing smocking style has quickly become an Instagram sensation since 2016.  Inspired by vintage styles and what she describes as the ‘Bali bubble’ where she now lives, a relaxed island lifestyle is never far from the mind when sporting these modern heirloom pieces that are truly made to bring a refreshing joy to the summer dress bill.  Perfectly oversized with intricate hand-designed detailing in the prettiest of pastel colour palettes, it’s hard not to be enamoured with a piece of clothing.  So stop admiring from behind your mobile phone screen, and invest in your new soulmate dress. We know it will be a match made in heaven.

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Image: AW19 Collection Campaign shoot


Erika Peña

Erika Peña has carved out an entirely new genre of luxury resort wear with her gypsy bohemian collection, infused with a spicy Latin twist that we can’t resist.  The Puerto Rican designer has taken advantage of her multi-cultural upbringing to create sensually effortless designs that are igniting attention on our Instagram.  We’re talking extravagant ruffles, flowing floor-length styles, and voluminous tiers that communicate an empowered female and evoke thoughts of iconic goddesses of past and present.  And each design can be worn in diverse ways: floaty and loose for a more relaxed style, or cinch it in around the waist with an artisan belt for an ultra-sexy take on boho luxe.  It’s no wonder therefore, that her pieces have graced the female stars of modern-day popular culture, including the likes of Queen Bey herself, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, as well as the pages of the most influential publications in the industry from Harper’s Bazaar to Vogue. All of which have sent sales through the roof!  If you’ve not yet caught the waves that Peña is creating in the fashion world, we’re not sure where you’ve been.  Instead of hiding under a rock, now is the time to let your fashion world be rocked… you’ve got no excuse!

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Image: Campaign shoot, Item: Rumba Cap Sleeve Long Dress


Mr Zimi

In an often-muted world of neutrals, blacks and whites, it’s nice to see that one brand aren’t afraid to be daring and different in their choice of vibrant colours and patterns.  In fact, their willingness to march to the beat of their own drum and challenge the traditional, tried and tested palettes of fashion is keeping the vibes high on our feed, and brightening our time in quarantine.  And for that, we’re really very grateful because right now, it’s the small things that make all the difference!  Founded by husband and wife team Jimi and Zoe Paul, the aim of the label is to transcend the seasons, and the decades, owing inspiration to the loud and proud 70s.  With A-line silhouettes, shift dresses and flared pants, leathers and sandals, there is ample to choose from to get your colourful fix.  As proud lovers of all things Bali, that the duo moved to Bali to start the brand too is another reason why the brand is among our favourites.  It’s clear that the exotic surroundings and the lavishly tropical climes of the island are simply irresistible… and that’s precisely why they’re rubbing off on Mr Zimi’s vivacious collection.

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Image: Mr Zimi SS19 Campaign Shoot



Now you’ll have to be quick to respond to this one… are you ready?  Posse’s pieces often sell out as soon as they go up.  We can see why.  The brand has certainly filled a gap in the market through the way that they take simple, wearable capsule classics and make them that little bit more exciting, giving our wardrobes an ever-needed refresh – and we never really need to be given more reason to feast our eyes on clothes and accessories.  Yet Posse have managed to keep it nonetheless timeless with easy linens, perfect plains and understated must-haves, ensuring that our collection will stand the test of time.  Looking for a basic white top? Take their Elliot Vest, for example.  It fits the simple and white bill, yet the wrap around waist-belt and the high-quality linen add a new-found interest that stands out in a sea of white tops.  Or a casual romper?  The Phoenix romper looks uber-stylish paired with the basket bag made famous by Instagram itself and a gelato in-hand for an oh-so-candid shoot for the ‘gram.  When it’s this easy to style Posse’s pieces, we couldn’t not feature the label on our list.

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Image: Posse website


Maurie and Eve

With clean lines, elements of rock and roll, and feminine tailoring, Maurie and Eve have garnered a massive cohort of devoted fashionistas.  While we’ve come to expect the usual florals, tea dresses and beach garms from many Ozzie labels, we sure do appreciate looks that can be translated to the city, and worn all year round, too.  And that’s precisely what Maurie and Eve are doing so well.  Their collection of light knits, cotton dresses and linen trousers look just as fabulous inland paired with a sleek blazer, as they do down by the ocean when paired with natural raffia sandals and left to do the talking for themselves.  What’s more, in a time when we’re all trying to make more conscious fashion choices, the brand are playing their part in resolving the problems that the fashion industry has come to realise it’s caused: most notably, they’ve just launched an eco-collection, aptly named Nature in Balance.  Committed to using organic fabrics, maintaining full transparency so we can trace production all the way back to family-run businesses in Bali and India, and eliminating waste at each stage of the value chain, Maurice and Eve are in transition to becoming a fully sustainable brand.  If we didn’t love them already, we’re now their number one supporters!

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Images: Maurie and Eve campaign


Flook the Label

We can’t deny that when we see Flook’s contemporary collection of swimwear, beachwear and accessories on the ‘gram, we get all the envious vibes. It’s filled our collection of many saved images, it’s what immediately catches our eye on the new posts feed, and it’s what we’re really coveting right now.  Designer Nikki Flook uses the talent of Bali artisans to bring her creations to life, who employ local techniques including macramé and opulent crochet to add a touch of unexpected detail.  The result?  The line epitomises sultry style, sensuality and sophistication, and with irresistible imagery in divine destinations of a life of luxe to which we can only aspire, we’re simply hooked.  So if you’re looking to look like a goddess, feel like a queen and have your very own followers sliding into your DMs wondering where you shop, Flook the Label is one not to be missed.

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Image: Campaign shoot – Flook website


Lack of Color

Don’t think you need a hat?  Think again.  In fact, we have a sneaky suspicion that you’ll need more than one after you check out Lack of Color’s fashion-forward range.  Spice up your everyday outfit with one of their lush designs, all of which are handmade using 100% Australian wool.  From a classic floppy fedora or a summery straw hat, to a retro boater or timeless French beret, Lack of Color has the entire rainbow; an abundance of hat styles that’s making it oh so hard to narrow it down to just one.  But we’re not complaining! So whatever you’re wearing, or wherever you’re going, make a new hat your perfect finishing touch to looking extra stylish – and make sure you snap a sneaky selfie.  After all, if it didn’t make it to the ‘gram, did you even wear it?

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Image: Lack of Color


Stronger the Label

The past year has been the year of the Insta girl.  The girl who makes sports luxe look irresistibly cool.  The girl who turned gym style into street style.  The girl who’s got us lusting after athleisure.  How ever you phrase it, we have a new-found love for our workout gear.  But not your typical blacks and greys that you’ve managed to dig out the back of your wardrobe.  We’re talking exciting prints, figure-hugging tights (yes, leggings are so last year!), and vibrant colours; and that’s exactly what Stronger the Label is giving us.  Their mantra is ‘Escape the Ordinary’ and they’re doing just that.  Our particular favourites are the Roar Set, if you’re feeling your inner feline, or the Vietnam Tights and Sports Bra for that tropical island touch.  Don’t be mistaken, they do have their fair share of co-ords, hoodies and gym accessories in neutral solids if you’re not feeling quite so daring.  But we think you’ve got to be brave to be the bold babe that we’re double tapping for as we scroll.  And maybe a new set of stylish active wear will be what turns us from the girl with all the gear but no idea into the girl with all the gear and all the ideas (aka the motivation to get active)… we can keep hoping!

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Image: Stronger the Label 



Kivari is another beautifully bohemian Aussie label that we’re digging right now.  Notable for earthy tones, pretty paisleys and relaxed fits, each collection pays homage to island living and days Down Under, effortlessly communicating our inner connection to nature and all things ethereal.  In fact, it seems the world’s jetset jewels inspire all things Kivari – their latest collection was shot in Marrakech, Morocco, letting the magical energy of the amazing Arabian city pour over into their styles, engulf our senses and weave into our wardrobes.  With simply the most beautiful pictures, they’re not only inspiring our next fashion purchases, but also our travel wish list.  While we’re stuck inside, it’s everything we need to bring a piece of the bohemian sky indoors and to keep us hopeful for endless summers.  Need more reason to check out Kivari? We don’t think so; but make sure you do so quick while they’re still up-and-coming, then you can truly claim to have been there from the very beginning.

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Image: Nomade collection Campaign Shoot


Sofia the Label

Sofia The Label’s designs are breathtakingly beautiful, and that’s the only way that’s fitting to describe them. Founded in 2016 by designer Sophia Lenzo, SOFIA’s dresses, skirts, tops and rompers are exquisitely feminine and articulate an image of effortless sophistication and class; the type of clothing you put on and instantly feel like a new woman, oozing an irresistible confidence.  Simply put, they’re the head turners you can count on for all the right kind of attention, the pieces that’ll have the passers-by doing double takes, the crowds approaching you, drawn to that radiant glow you’ll be sporting in SOFIA’s silhouettes.  After all, they’re the label that claims that the SOFIA girl is a leader, not a follower.  That’s certainly not to say we’re not loving following their Instagram account, but simply that our next investment is sure to be a SOFIA piece to guarantee that we’re the fashionistas leading all our own followers to unlock the latest of our favourite style secrets.

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Image: Sofia the Label


Madison the Label

Urban and chic, modern and trendy, yet somehow still timeless and original, Madison the Label combines feminine pieces with a cool downtown edge.  Their collection includes the perfect offering of loungewear luxe, smart casual, comfy cute, as well as dressy designs to ensure they’ve got every occasion and every dress code covered.  Brainchild of Australian sister duo Denise and Nellie, we’re making Madison our go-to for wardrobe must haves and simple styles for the days when we’re just not quite sure what to wear.  For the best in self-isolation style, and the best selection of what to wear to your living room? A Madison embossed sweater and joggers.  When you’re finally free, and planning a sunset garden BBQ? The Madison Kiara dress.  And when you’re really going ‘out out’?  Madison’s Kelsey Midi dress.  Voila, our point proven.

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Image: Madison the Label


Zulu and Zephyr

A little bit retro and a lot of fun, in a variety of uplifting, sweetly-coloured pastel hues, Zulu and Zephyr are cultivating beautiful and effortless swimwear and a ready-to-wear collection made for every modern fashionista.  From the warm, blue waters and sugar-white sands to the cool evening dusks and late-night breeze, the brand has got all elements of coastal living covered.  Garments translate from casual to dressy, with chunky-knit loungewear co-ords and floaty maxis and slip dresses; swimwear comes in a range of styles, including the essential one-piece or the simple bralette and high-cut bottom combination to highlight the contours of every feminine figure.  In any case, their simple silhouettes and understated designs are giving us all the off-duty model feels and are sure to be the ‘pop’ to our ice on a summer’s day and the sweet style we need on our Insta feed.

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Images: Zulu and Zephyr


Maria Pascual

Capture your unforgettable summer memories – and some stylish snaps – in your next jewellery buys with Maria Pascual’s unique designs.  The Barcelona-based brand is named after the designer and entrepreneur babe herself, a talented lady who credits her creative inspiration from fascinating travels across the world.  Collections are all about minimal but elegant jewels to wear every day, each piece made from high-quality gold plating.  Some are adorned with dainty details, including horns, moons, hieroglyphics or dangling charms, while others are plain and simple bands or chains with the one little droplet that brings a hint of colour to an otherwise plain metal.  Even better, we love how the entire collection looks stacked, layered, and worn on any part of the body we want to decorate – Maria designs the entire cohort of jewellery pieces that every girl needs to finish off every look and any style.

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Image: @mariapascual Instagram


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