Environmentally Aware and Socially Responsible - We are committed to sourcing our products from brands that focus on sustainability, taking into serious consideration the processes and resources needed to produce fashion. We encourage those brands that produce better quality fashion while minimizing their impact on the environment by reducing plastic, using environmentally friendly production techniques and by supporting local causes.


Independent - We work with local independent designers. Those are brands that are owned and/or managed by the designer or their families. By doing so, all profits go directly to the designers and their businesses so they can pay better wages, create better quality products, produce locally and focus on creativity. We also support entrepreneurs that are about to launch or just launched their brand. 

Longevity & Quality - Our retail model reframes fashion consumption to focus on longevity, in direct contrast with fast-fashion. Our partner brands offer collections with designs which stand the test of time, often made in small production runs and with enduring materials. Rather than framing products around trends, we place emphasis on the creators, the stories behind products and their uniqueness.

 Limited Edition - Our collections are produced in small batches or produced on demand to maintain the exclusive handmade nature. We strive to provide a large collection of limited-edition pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

 Fur Free - We do not sell any fur or exotic skins and we encourage a fair and transparent supply chain, meaning nothing we sell is made in sweatshops.