The top swimwear brands to shop in Bali

Did you know that Bali’s fashion scene has catapulted itself into number 16 on the global list of fashion destinations? Rising 24 spots and sitting only 2 places behind Los Angeles, Bali continues to attract talented fashion designers who create beautiful designs that are sold the world over. 

It is little surprise that Bali is also home to some of the world’s top swimwear designers. While it may seem obvious that a tropical island like Bali is home to swimwear brands, the difference however is that few locations can claim that entire collections been designed, manufactured and exported all from the same place. Such is the beauty of this creative eco-system we call Bali.

To celebrate this, Black Book Fashion lists here the top designers that you need to keep your eye on. Some are already in full expansion mode selling their designs in high-end boutiques world-wide, while others are set to create waves in the swimwear industry. Here’s your chance to be in the know and start shopping for some truly breathtaking swimwear.

The top bikini brands to watch out for in Bali

Aanoukis Swimwear

Aanoukis Swimwear is the brainchild of Alexandra Adamiak, a Bali local who is no stranger to the island’s fashion scene. Having run Lulu Yasmine’s stores before, she began experimenting with bikini, shoe and jewelry design, eventually launching her first swimwear collection that made us take notice. Alexandra herself embodies what it means to be a free spirit, and she designs for women that are elegant, wild at heart, with a gypsy soul. Her first swimwear collection was unconventional and bold; designed for a strong and independent woman with a bohemian nature. With many plans coming to fruition in 2018, we are looking forward to seeing this free-spirit building Aanoukiss into an exciting brand with more collections to come. 

Aanoukis Swimwear


Thaikila is no newcomer to Bali with its enduring success testament to it being the go-to spot for any body type or taste with their collections having something for anyone. Formerly known as Blue Glue, the brand traces its roots to France where its’ journey began in 1989. Fast forward to today and Thaikila is perhaps one of Bali’s most international swimwear brands with over a hundred overseas locations and with a range of styles unmatched by many other brands. The team is now focused on bringing the brand to even more customers and have stated their intent with one of their largest collections to date: the Tennessee Collection. Combining numerous design features such as tie dye, crochet stitching and accessory rich detailing, the collection features earthy color tones with plenty of ruffles and fringe details. The cuts are sexy and feminine with adjustable laces allowing for a comfortable fit. A fresh vision and design direction, we are looking forward to seeing their looks at more beaches worldwide.   

Thaikila Swimwear Bali

Brescia Bercana

Brescia is a talented designer who travels between Bali and France and takes her inspiration from different cultures around the world to create beautiful prints that straddle the world of art and fashion. Her designs are found throughout the island’s high-end resorts, with her handmade prints recognizable for their intricate patterns, vibrant color motifs and ethnic inspiration. These gorgeous prints embellish her sarongs, swimwear and resortwear pieces and make fashion feel and look like art. Her swimwear collection reflects who she is as a designer, with easy to wear one and two piece swimsuits splashed with color and beautiful designs. With a clear design direction that sets her apart from her peers, Brescia Bercane is a brand and designer to watch.   

Brescia Bercane

Gooseberry Intimates Seaside 

While Gooseberry Intimates has been drawing in crowds to its Seminyak stores for years with its high-end collections of intimate wear, their swimwear collections are a natural extension to their intricate understanding of the female silhouette. Elegantly designed two and one pieces that flatter most body types grace their collections. While some brands try to stand out with bold motifs, prints and elaborate detailing, Gooseberry constructs swimwear with a focus on strong cuts and clean lines. This makes their collections classy, yet exquisitely pronounced and striking in their own unique way. We will continue to enjoy the brands’ ability to craft its own unique identity in the crowded intimates and swimwear space as it continues to grow its’ fanbase worldwide.

Gooseberry Intimates

Wanita Swimwear

Bali born and bred, Wanita Swimwear creates vivid one and two piece swimwear items that are sophisticated, minimal and sexy. The design aesthetic looks to impress and grab the attention, with triangle tops and high waisted bottoms on the two piece bikinis and plunging necklines on the one piece items. All of Wanita’s swimwear designs are complemented by beautiful prints and a rich color palette. Made for the confident bikini queen, Wanita’s collections are for the confident woman who celebrates life on the beach.   

Wanita Swim

Cantik Swimwear

High waist cuts, cheeky bottoms and all good things Brazilian, Cantik Swimwear is not afraid to experiment and innovate. Available in many classy boutiques in Seminyak and a presence worldwide, Cantik is another Bali-made brand with international aspirations seeking to carve out its own vision of Brazilian inspired swimwear. However, rather than moving to a single samba beat, designer Catherine Heenan’s work features a level of progression from one collection to the next that keeps things fresh. Not afraid to try new styles, cuts and constructions, her collections can feature sexy laced bikini bottoms, 80’s inspired one-pieces and front tied tops with bold colorful prints to earthy tones. From high necklines to plunging necklines and tiny triangle tops, this Australian label keeps the bikini beat moving.

Cantik Swimwear

Fae Swim 

Featuring an Instagram account with enough exposed hotness to set off a bonfire, Fae Brand is not afraid to stand out. This brand’s bold design cuts feature cheeky bottoms on the back, low plunging V-cuts on the front, and triangle tops that accentuates a women’s bodily curves. Thick panelling on some tops that create a natural push-up and even hip huggers that feature, yes, cheeky bottoms, make this brand sexy and flattering in all the right places. Sticking to this design vision has meant collections that don't feature any fussy accessories such as clasps, ties or other fiddly bits. This means the pieces are easy to wear and that they stay on making them great for active types. Founded only in 2016, this recently established Bali-based brand has already landed on the radar of noted celebrities. This is a brand which certainly is hotting things up.

Fae Swim


 To complement your luxurious Bali holiday with some equally high-end luxury resort wear, seek out Zimmerman. This Australian brand has grown rapidly worldwide with a collection of stores in top fashion destinations that showcases the brand’s jet-set design vision. Recent collections have gorgeous batik-inspired pieces, with billowy tops, dresses and skirts with plenty of embroidery, ruffles and floral prints. The Tali Cutout one-piece for example highlights the brand’s playful use of ruffles and batik prints, while not afraid to show a bit of skin. Meanwhile the Tali Bib Front Blouse is a perfect complement to your wardrobe with a mandarin collar, V neckline and willowy sleeves. The brand’s high-end look is achieved by mixing original cuts and detailing with a dash of sophistication, and a bohemian flavor. A combination that has underpinned its meteoric rise into an internationally recognized brand to watch.


Sommer Swim

Rounding out our list is Sommer Swim, the brainchild of German ex-model Anna-Maria Sommer. Through an effective use of Instagram she has managed to carve out a unique place for her European luxe inspired swimwear collections. Minimalistic and classy designs that celebrate a woman’s elegance and beauty, her pieces are complemented by the use of high-quality italian fabrics. With collections that feature prints and classy color choices, this is not a brand that tries to or will ever overdo it. Her sleek cuts tease the eye yet leave enough to the imagination; achieving that balance between luxe, sexiness and class.

 Somer Swim

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