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Black Book Travels: Begur, Catalonia

Jul 21, 2023

Black Book Travels: Begur, Catalonia
There are spaces, but then there are *places*; spaces with a story, filled with personality, with magic. There are moments, but then there are *memories*; moments with a story, filled with life & joy.
Every now and then you come across a space that becomes a special place, made more special by the beautiful moments you turn to memories there. Indeed, you don’t know the beauty of a space until it becomes a place, a once-blank canvas, now painted with the colour of memories and shaped by all the little details that give it meaning, make your heart beat a little extra.
@labiondabegur is one such special-shaped place, a hotel that’s much more than just a space to sleep, but a place to rest your soul, to fall in love in one of the prettiest spots in the Costa Brava. It’s made even more special by the magic of a woman’s touch and the fictitious world behind the hotel’s refined design; the story of a woman who housed influential women of the 30s. As you step into owner Carla’s world, you step into the very heart of historic Begur and an 8-room abode that’s like a portal into another era.
In this art movie house, not a single detail is out of place. Artwork feels like it’s made for La Bionda. Restored antique furniture, casual rattan details, vintage lamps create a unique universe that narrates the 8 women who form the personalities of the different rooms. Beach towels & baskets give you a welcome invitation to go and glimpse the most awe-inspiring calas; Cala Fonda, Sa Tuna & Sa Riera all a stone’s throw away. Breakfasts enjoyed round a sharing table fill you with life to explore every steep little cobbled street, to follow the magic of this town up to a crumbling old castle, and look out over the coastline. A quiet location next to the town’s square &church invites you to fall in love with Begur in a new way: not just as an undifferentiated space, but a special place, filled with the memories of once-fleeting, now unforgettable, moments.
The ones that make your heart beat a little faster, the ones you tell the story of with all the joy of the moment. La Bionda is that special place. And once you go, La Bionda will stay in your heart space, your Begur home place.

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