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Black Book Travels: Terra Dominicata, Catalonia

Dec 28, 2023

Black Book Travels: Terra Dominicata, Catalonia

Silence is an open space; capacious and calm, a sanctuary amidst the din of life. Welcome it and listen well. It’s the quiet calm just before the dawn, as the rising sun laminates you with warmth. Or the hushed, slow beat of nature as it inches forward with its rhythm of emergence, until suddenly a new season catches us unawares. Or the quiet of the soul before every great idea. For silence is the fine tailor when your thoughts are silken thread. Or most luxurious of all, the moment the door closes and you’re all alone in your hotel room. For there is no one kind of silence. Each silence is different, each silence beautiful, if you listen carefully.

Where the air is fresh and the mountains raw, in the vineyard-covered, vertiginous landscape of @terradominicata, there is something quite special about the silence. It’s a silence that allows you to take a deep breath and connect with everything around you, to find peace amidst the birdsong and the echo of the mountains surrounding you. A warm silence as you feel your energy reach out into nature and energy flow back. A silence that reminds you that life’s most precious moments are not all loud and uproarious.

Immersed in the breathtaking foothills of Sierra del Montsant, and cocooned in the heart of prestigious wine region, El Priorat, just west of Barcelona, silence reigns. Not simply one kind, but a magical space to experience the beauty of each one of those revitalising silences - there’s even an affectionately named corner of calm, “el racó de la calma”, for exactly that. Terra Dominicata’s is a beautifully open space with a calming colour palette so thoughtfully in tune with the enchanting mountains, and the mountains the perfect backdrop for morning sunshine bathing or admiring the terracotta glow in the setting sun.

At Terra Dominicata, silence is a rural luxury. The most beautiful silence in it all: TD’s humble, understated style that exudes unique sophistication, but without any pretence. It exceeds every expectation; the kind of getaway that leaves you craving more days. Like a living heaven, right in front of your eyes. Convenient that this sanctuary was once a monastery.

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