Boho Jewelry: Why Bali is a Sustainable Jewel in a World of Fast Fashion

What Makes Bali Jewelry Unique in the World?

Many countries have a rich cultural history of adornment and refined artistry.  But none more so than Bali.  Few places in the world are quite so enchanting.  What makes Bali unique is the fact that these traditions are still evident today, and modern jewelry designers are tapping into the once well-kept secret to reveal the beauty of Balinese jewelry in their designs.  Countless are those who come to Bali specifically with the hopes of harnessing and incorporating the practices of local artisans into their work. 

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Where exactly did these creative traditions begin, and more importantly, how are they still so alive and vibrant today? 


Of course, with the prominence of spirituality in Balinese identity and culture, mythical stories may tell a different story to that which the history books would favor.  Stories of gods descending to teach man how to work with gold and silver, how to be civilized and how to craft jewelry are not uncommon, but history identifies the arrival of the art of metal work with the Bronze Age from the Chinese, who made silver both fashionable and easier to mine.  Subsequent to the colonization of Bali by the Majapahit Empire of Java, Bali became a hub for Javanese craftsmen and the art of silver-making truly flourished.  Whichever story you prefer, this pool of talented silversmiths and goldsmiths have transcended the years, inspired by their vibrant surroundings, the beauty of their offerings of gifts to their Gods, and their strong connection to their ancestors. 


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The true heart of the community of gold and silversmiths is now found in the village of Celuk, around 10km south of Ubud.  This small village have truly defied the powers of globalization: at the prospect of the infiltration of tourism, the villagers transformed themselves from rice farmers to gold and silver smiths and have all become specialists in what was the heritage of their families.  Some of the specialties that are combined to create the finest jewelry include: filigree, a very delicate soldering of beads and threads of metal to create a design; jawan, using spots of silver to create texture and engraving-like features; and granulation, an ancient technique using even more refined speckles of metal to create a design.  Bali itself is often the inspiration for artisanal designs: the symmetry of nature, bold colored flowers, natural art forms - the backs of animals like turtles or bull’s horns; as is its cultural history: extravagant mandalas, statues of Gods and heavy tribal armory. 


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Not only can designers use the creative skills and craftsmanship of the people, but these Balinese masters of design unexpectedly become the inspiration of many.  In fact, designers often come with ideas, but in fashioning these ideas into reality, Bali’s people inadvertently become the true artists behind the jewelry design.  The beauty of this resides in the fact that each piece of jewelry is a unique vision of not only the designer, but the craftsperson at work.  It is a rare and unmatched collaboration between two completely distinct worlds: the mind of the modern artist with the interpretation of the traditional artisan. 

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Item: Nica Earrings


In a world in which activism and sustainability in fashion is not only becoming increasingly trendy, but also essential, the hidden strength of taking jewelry design to Bali is that it offers the opportunity to engage in ethical and sustainable practices.  Both utilizing Bali’s abundant natural resources, as well as contributing to the development and livelihood of local communities through partnering with local artisans ensures that brands stay socially conscious and contribute positively to a newer, slower form of design in fashion.


It also plays a role in guaranteeing this cultural continuity, so that generations to come can delight in the enchanting practices of Bali’s design masters.



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