Black Book Meets: Sustainable Fashion Brand, Ocean Goddesses

With 10% of global carbon emissions coming from the fashion industry, it is little wonder that sustainability has become the 'it' word of the fashion industry and the dominant theme for large and small fashion brands alike.  With sustainability as one of our core values, it is therefore only natural we do our part to educate the world about its pioneers and share their stories.

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We were lucky to meet with Klementina Dukoska, CEO of Ocean Goddesses, in Bali recently, who is leading a movement to create a conscious and sustainable world, one fashion choice at a time.


Here's what she had to say:


Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I realised I knew nothing. For years I’ve been on red alert due to the environmental crisis we’re facing. I tried taking several different angles to find my way to contribute. Everything changed when I allowed myself to be creative, when I got out of my head and when I recognised deep inside that the change starts within, followed by our actions and how we live.

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Driven by my vision to ‘Help people thrive individually and collectively by living their own essence, in balance with earth's ecosystem’, I allowed myself to be creative and to design the perfect society I would like to see in the world. From that society (ecosystem) I narrowed down to the smallest parts and resources. Inspired by my work on coral reef conservation, and frightened by the plastic pollution I kept on seeing in the ocean, plastic resonated immediately.


What started as an idea for tackling the plastic waste problem and initiating conscious conversations has since grown into a movement. Ocean Goddesses helps women make more sustainable fashion and consumption choices. Women express themselves and what they stand for in the world through sexy and meaningful apparel.

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Essentially, Ocean Goddesses is based on a three principles model, building on top of a framework developed by researchers Rebecca Earley and Kate Goldsmworth, called: Change the Model, Material, Mindset.

Model: People and Planet over profit. 

Ocean Goddesses ensures highest possible standards for fair treatment and payment of people who manufacture the dresses. The brand supports related causes and directly supports alternative access to clothes (i.e. clothes swaps and donations).


MaterialThe fabric is made using 78% recycled nylon, such as ghost nets, carpets and plastic from the ocean and landfills. Post production scraps are up-cycled to create new products and there is no waste created throughout the manufacturing process.

The ocean themed dresses made using recycled nylon are durable, versatile and are almost twice the quality of similar fabrics.


MindsetThe change starts with you.

With 10% of global carbon emissions coming from our closets, it’s up to individuals to make personal choices to change this. The brand supports individuals on that journey by: 1) Connecting them to their bigger Why (ie. through free workshops), 2) Providing tools (ie. The Ultimate Sustainable Fashion Guide) on how to make sustainable fashion and consumption choices and 3) Sharing Ocean Goddesses stories to inspire.

I am a firm believer that you and I are actively creating a conscious and sustainable society right now. It’s time for us to step into our power, get clear on our Why and lead by making sustainable consumption choices every day and communicating about it.

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Join Klementina and the Ocean Goddesses movement today!

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