It's common in the realm of fashion to make more stock than you end up selling, especially when you follow fashion seasons. It's a production model, and fashion norm, that is unsustainable, for brands, customers and our planet.
Pre-order is fast becoming a new solution for many brands - it allows for consumers to re-connect with a label and its pieces, by committing to purchasing early and to the waiting period. In this way, it makes the piece more valuable, positioning fashion as a treasure not something disposable.


So, why pre-order?
Get an early bird discount or a free goodie
Secure your favourite item of the season
Opt for a more sustainable purchase
    How exactly?
    By helping us order more of what you like and less of what you don’t
    By enabling less stock go to waste through anticipating demand
    We know that the future of fashion will be a more timeless one - a seasonless reality, where clothes do not have a predated life span. But maybe our future will also be one where pre-order becomes a norm, saving unwanted pieces from landfill.