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Black Book The Label - Elysian Collection

Mar 24, 2023

Black Book The Label - Elysian Collection

Black Book The Label – Elysian Collection

A postcard from heaven on earth. A transient moment of bliss in the lush and sensory, nourishing and restorative earth tones and textures of our natural environment. A new season of romance and utopian charm. Be transported to a paradisal place as Elysium, where life is luxury and nature is bliss, time slows and your surroundings absorb you completely. This is a story of finding self and protecting it; remembering that we are every breath of autumn, every colour in the trees, every gold and every scarlet that dances to the ground… nature is in us.

Soak in the seasonal-inspired palette with warm hues of burnt sienna, baked terracotta, oily olive, buttery almond and mocha meringue that invoke comfort and security, a celebration of energising earthiness. Tones that are warm yet bold, inviting yet strong, homely, yet a touch daring, with a free-spirited femininity but also a practicality, so that our muses can channel the same energy. So, as nature dresses herself for the season, we too can do the same.

Black Book the Label- Aysha Knit Long Dress

Among the collection’s core colours, glittery gold shines through, and a blush that brings summer fruits to mind; juxtaposed by an injection of colder black, and marshmallow white, essential neutrals that make our latest collection, Elysian, timeless and adaptable; one that’s as season-less as it is seasonal, with pieces as easy to style as they are easy to wear.

Elysian is a euphoric celebration of femininity and elegance; grace but also style. Romanticized signature silhouettes evoking inner bohemia take centre stage, combined with modernity in the form of utilitarian styles, satin suiting, and elevated looking loungewear that gives a touch of carefree opulence. Tailoring gets a twist with draped silhouettes and tie-up details, flowing trousers; giving a smart but sexy allure. Flared styles invite a sense of nostalgia, and give a touch of retro, counterbalanced with contemporary upgrades.

Luxe open-knit stitching elevates loungewear, turning up the casual charm for those off-duty days, and their beautiful mesh-style stitch makes the pieces ideal for both summery cover-ups or warm winter sweaters. Tonal dressing transforms into visually exciting style statements with a variety of textures and fabrics, giving an air of subtle confidence, a look that’s refined with a sophisticated flair. Together the collection has a unique ability to be giving both an air of boho-luxe and modern muse, with all the pieces able to be dressed up or down, layered up or worn alone, styled for the day and still glorious at night.

Black Book the Label- Athena Belted Maxi Dress

The most contemporary upgrade of all? The collection’s sustainability credentials. Every Elysian piece has been handmade in Bali in small-scale, local artisan workshops by talented craftspeople who lovingly stitch, and bring to life your clothing. So not only is the collection a celebration of heaven, of earth and of the female self, but it’s a celebration of the talent and the heritage of skilled artisans whose skills and techniques are unmatched. This approach allows us to delight in their communities being placed at the heart of the fashion industry, all the while promoting accountability at every stage, unlocking artisanal quality and ensuring ecological innovation. And that’s why Elysian is a celebration of the earth, too – artisanal techniques embrace hand-weaving, for example, or use locally sourced natural materials, and natural dyes, so as to protect our ecosystems or reduce the carbon footprint of fashion production. In short, causing less damage to our earth. But more powerful than that, artisan production means that we can connect with the makers of the Elysian collection, cross borders, as our clothing does when it comes from Bali and arrives at your door, and connect hearts and minds. Which ultimately leads to us treasuring our items more, and for longer.

 Rejoice in the delight that is Elysian as you celebrate the nature that we call home and the beauty that we call heaven.

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