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Black Book Travels: Cape Tainaron, Greece

Oct 20, 2023

Black Book Travels: Cape Tainaron, Greece

Once a 19th Century Maniot watchtower, now a small unique boutique hotel, Tainaron Blue is quite remarkable. Overlooking the panorama of Cape Tainaron in Greece, the retreat boasts stunning views of the southernmost slope of Taygetos mountain, a land for the hikers, full of beautiful old trails, and Vathia, a village of myth and mystery but also of breathtaking beauty.

Your imagination will have been right to feel you’re at the end of the world – you almost are, as this is the southernmost point of mainland Greece and of continental Europe. Visit the Tainaron lighthouse for an incredible sunset that captures the true impression of this unique vantage point. While you’re in the area, visit the spectacular Diros caves which are one of the biggest underwater formation of caves in the world! Before you even reach the caves, it’s an experience in itself as you explore them with your very own underworld ferryman who will show you the stalactites reflecting in the crystal-clear water.

For sand between your toes, visit the Marmari twin beaches half an hour’s walk down. Or simply enjoy time spent in Tainaron Blue. It’s undoubtedly the most unique and exclusive place to stay in Greece – with only 3 rooms, it’s boutique in the truest sense of the word.

Enjoy the views from sitting corners under the shade of the olive trees, sat in canopied daybeds or comfortable deckchairs. Take a dip in the glistening infinity plunge pool and let your worries ripple away with the pulsing hydrotherapy waves.

But the standout? The delicious mouth-watering food. Breakfast is a unique experience, served without a time limit. Served on the patio by the pool or on the wooden deck of the veranda, you can eat with the beautiful background of the Mediterranean, the breath of the sea cooling you down with its gentle breeze, its heartbeat, the waves, a calming song for your ears. Breakfast will turn into brunch and then lunch as you graze on what feels like an unlimited feast of authentic Greek delights.

Tainaron Blue’s uniqueness will touch your soul. The moment you step through the gates, you’ll feel the burden of life lifted as unimaginable serenity takes over. 

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