We have joined  Pledgeling, a foundation that empowers impact by connecting brands and consumers to their favourite causes around the world. Through Pledgeling, we have pledged to donate to causes that will bring a healthier future for our planet.

This promise is all about contributing consistently, alongside any other initiatives we are also involved with, and paves the way for corporate responsibility. Through this effort, and together with Pledgeling, we donate 1 euro with every purchase and we give the opportunity to customers to also donate 1 Euro with every purchase made.
UNICEF has been working nonstop in eastern Ukraine, delivering lifesaving programs for affected children and families as fighting has taken an increasingly heavy toll on the civilian population of 3.4 million people — including 510,000 children — living in the Donbas region. Find out more at www.unicef.org/ukraine

Did you know that it is estimated the Bornean orangutan population has declined by 75 percent in under 30 years – with roughly only 54,000 left in the wild? Having spent over a decade of her life in Asia, the destruction of orangutan habitats is something that feels particularly close to home for Black Book Fashion's founder Laura Herrero.  Black Book Fashion started its 90 days of change program and for the next 90 days will donate to The Orangutan Foundation International focused on conserving the threatened orangutan population and their habitat. OFI also supports research on orangutans and forests, education initiatives, both local and international, and brings awareness concerning orangutans wherever it can. Find out more about at www.orangutan.org