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Black Book Travels: Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany

Mar 01, 2024

Black Book Travels: Terme di Saturnia, Tuscany

Free, natural and serenely beautiful, the heavenly hot springs of Tuscany are a surprisingly mystical encounter, a serendipitous meeting of natural elements to form something far more beautiful than any man-made offering.

For this week’s #blackbooktravels, we’ve picked two of our favourites: Terme di Saturnia and Bagni San Filippo. The Saturnia springs are the most famous; a quaint little building, beside which hot water gushes out and cascades down a series of white terraced pools. Captivating to the eye, the steaming water pools glisten glacial white thanks to the mineral-enriched water with many healing benefits.

Bagni San Filippo, meanwhile, is just as memorable for its sheer beauty and above all, the simple fact that it’s slipped under the Instagram radar. We have no idea why, but we’re not complaining; here, it’s much easier to slip into the seduction of the rejuvenating terme powers.

Their pearlescent waters, the exclusive, secluded location of the postcard-perfect Val d’Orcia woods, and the extensive white cliffs characterise the striking scenery. And the entire area is a fairytale land, hiding enchanting discoveries around every corner; emerging from the trees are what look like frozen white waterfalls, cascading eternally in different shades of cream, pale pink and orange.


Where to stay? @termedisaturnia is the only place to discover the magical spring water benefits in abundant luxury. Its pool is like no other hotel pool we’ve shared before. A constant stream of air bubbles rise to the surface as water seeps through its natural rock floor. It’s so organic that small algae clumps float on the pool surface.

But don’t be alarmed, spa experts assure us it’s a sign that the water is healthy. You’re soaking at the source of 1000-year old hot springs, after all; it really doesn’t get any more organic than that! The hotel itself is undeniably chic. It even boasts a Golden Body Treatment, with a gel consisting of 23-carat gold. So when you’ve had enough of nature’s free springs, return to indulge in the finer, more curated side of spa life.

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