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Black Book Travels: Locanda, Tuscany, Italy

May 31, 2023

Black Book Travels: Locanda, Tuscany, Italy
This is your being-in-the-middle-of-nowhere fantasy coming true. Your craving for a life of magic satisfied amidst golden fields of wheat, luminous gardens, clusters of dancing cypress trees and an emerald oasis of sparkling water. This is your realising that grounded feet don’t need to be moving and quiet spaces don’t need to be filled with sound.
These are your moments, the moments in which time dissolves and all there is left to do, is just be. To find beauty in boredom. To be infatuated by watching the breeze sway the grass in rhythmic poetry. To collect moments in time you wish you could bottle up and keep forever. To look up and admire everything in front of you and realise there’s a whole lot of magic to be seen. Oh, what love we find when we weren’t even looking for it. There’s a reason your unique bliss was bringing you here. “Yes” is the only word you need to say, the word that breathes life into fantasy and transports you into an enchanting dimension.
As the birds begin to whistle, the crickets begin to sing, the sun begins to shine and the days start to creep into the nights, the most beautiful time of the year is beginning at @locandaintuscany. Those special moments of yours deserve an equally special place to live them out. Here is one. It’s a place to come not to forget your job or daily life, but to remember why you love them, not to listen to nothing but silence, but to hear everything, not to switch off, but to switch on and in to your inner self, not to fall asleep to be able to dream, but to open your bedroom windows and to dream wide awake. To fall in love all over again; with the sun, birds, bees, the taste of sunburnt fields and the smell of toasted wheat, and the unfiltered sunrises caught from your window. Here, the sweet summer season tastes of beauty, speaks of love, and looks like a painting.
Locanda might be marketed as a luxury hotel, but what they don’t tell you is that it is the perfect place to do nothing then rest afterwards, to wear your linen dress straight out your suitcase, to walk barefoot, to breathe the fresh air and soak in the peace of the Val d’Orcia. So say “yes” to your middle-of-nowhere wonderland; it exists.

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