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Lack of Color X Black Book Fashion

Sep 20, 2020

Lack of Color X Black Book Fashion

Australian brand Lack of Color lands has landed at Black Book Fashion to complement BBF’s lux bohemian resort wear range with a spectacular series of hats and fedoras for all occasions. With each hat individually hand-made by artisans, it fully supports BBF’s commitment to provide you with unique, sustainable and one of a kind pieces to complement your wardrobe. 

Shop these bestselling boater hats and fedoras now at Black Book Fashion. We have selected for you a curated range of pieces and colours to instantly upgrade any look and suitable for any occasion and setting. Their ability to mix and match with any item on Black Book Fashion and add an instant touch of class, sass and sophistication, is what makes us so excited to be working together with this trendsetting brand.

Now without further ado… Check out the hats now!  

  • Ultra Wide Ventura Straw Hat

Choose the Ultra Wide Ventura Straw Hat to feel free and at your wander-lusting best. This stylish raffia straw hat is hand-made and will complements any look for a day at the beach or a casual stroll down the boulevard. The ultra-wide brim is more for than just for sun protection, it is a show-stopping piece that instantly makes you stand out with a whimsical black cotton ribbon necktie to finish the look. A welcome addition from lack of Color to the Black Book Fashion collection.

Ultra Ventura Hat- Lack of Color

  • Palm Canyon Straw Hat

This handmade hat carefully crafted by artisans in the Dominican Republic, gives you several options when wearing it.  A reversable rim can be worn curled down or turned up depending on how you want the hat to complement your look. This Lack of Color hat comes in a dome style with a drawstring detail and sun freckle holes on brim.

Palm Canyon Hat- Lack of Color

  • Azure Lolita Hat

The Azure Lolita Hat has versatility written all over it. Boater hats are perfect for any day and night look and complement all occasions with their oval crown design and flat rim. Made with dyed Soft Australian wool and with a classic crown height, this is the hat to take with you on any wanderlusting adventure.  

Azure Hat- Lack of Color

  • Wave Bucket - Peach Terry Hat

A staple in any beach-goers wardrobe, the Wave Bucket- Peach Terry Hat is soft and durable, wear it turned up or curled down, it is perfect for beach days. Wear it with any resort wear or beach style outfit for a sun-safe, natural look.

Wave Bucket Hat- Lack of Color

  • The Ventura Straw Hat

Another classic raffia straw hat, featuring frayed edging and trimmed black grow grain ribbon. More than just a straw sun hat, the black ribbon adds a touch of sophistication to this bohemian inspired hat, which makes it a perfect complement to any boho-lux outfit, whether you are lounging by the pool sipping cocktails, taking in the sights or watching a gorgeous sunset. This hat is one for all occasions.

Ventura Straw Hat- Lack of Color

  • Island Palma Boater Hat

Another hand-made gem from Lack of Color, this baked palm leaf hat features a flat top boater crown and a pressed palm leaf pattern. This hat screams for summer- offering abundant sun protection and a touch of sass and sophistication. A chin strap with decorative beads provides a nice touch to a versatile and must-have hat. Thanks Lack of Color!

Island Palma Boater Hat- Lack of Color

  • The Zulu Hat

No wardrobe is complete without a fedora. Lack of Color provides a refreshed interpretation of the fedora with the Zulu Hat; rimmed with double stitched gross grain, made with soft Australian wool, this fedora is sleek, comfortable and adds an instant dash of chic to any wardrobe. Be sure to color match the Zulu Hat with any one-piece dress or batching suit on Black Book Fashion to be at your show-stopping best.


Zulu Hat- Lack of Color


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